About Us -


Hello my name is Bonnie and I have been giving readings for 30 years. I was born with the ability to see for others what they are not able to see for them themselves. I have been blessed with this gift and have had extensive experience with interacting with the spiritual realm to accurately provide guidance and insight to my clients.

Why should you call me?

I am a licensed clairvoyant. I am not associated to any corporations and do not charge per minute for any of my services. There is no scripts of any kind nor is there a time limit for my consultations or readings. I will tell you the entire truth both good and bad I will not waste your time with inaccurate information. I respect all my clients and their privacy all my readings are private and confidential. I promise to make every client feel calm and at ease during every session.

What happens when you contact me?

I will answer all your questions about my services and help to see which service is best for your specific needs. I understand each client is unique and I will gladly answer all your questions and advise you on Love, Business, Health, Relationships and anything else you are questioning. With your reading you will find the answers you have been searching for and feel at peace in knowing in which of life's directions your headed. Once we have spoken you will have clarity on all your future life decisions.

Feel free to call anytime for more information on my services.
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